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RAH Humor Review:
More Python Alumni Tapes

by Dave Bealer

This review first appeared in the April 1994 issue of Random Access Humor.

Copyright © 1994 Dave Bealer, All Rights Reserved.

Apparently someone has figured out that virtually any video tape featuring one or more of the Monty Python troupe is guaranteed to sell at least 100,000 copies. Two more such tapes have been acquired by yours truly in the past month. After viewing these latest attempts at squeezing bucks out of any stray scrap of film containing one or more of the Python boys, I find myself fervently hoping that no cameras were rolling during Graham Chapman's briss.

The Strange Case of the End of Civilization As We Know It

Featuring John Cleese as Arthur Sherlock Holmes, a bumbling, modern-day descendant of the famous detective. Connie Booth plays Mrs. Hudson, and several well known performers (e.g. Denholm Elliot) also appear, although it's a safe bet none of them list this turkey on their resume. One (sort of) redeeming feature: the absolute worse Kojak impression in the history of the genre. "Who loves ya, baby?" In the case of this tape, precisely no one.

Romance With A Double Bass

Based on a short story by Anton Chekhov, this one actually isn't that bad. John Cleese plays Smichkoff, a double bass player whose clothes are swiped while he's skinny dipping. Connie Booth, a princess, suffers the same fate. The naked Cleese gallantly carries her back to the palace in his double bass case. Major redeeming feature: a couple of full frontal nude shots of Connie Booth (circa mid-1970s). Major drawback: a nude John Cleese. (Feel free to reverse these feature/drawback judgments as desired.) Although strained at times, at least this one has an innately funny premise at its core.

Both tapes were released by White Star Films.


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