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Editor & Publisher, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer:
Dave Bealer

Acting Executive Associate Deputy Assistant Editor:
Greg Borek

Makeup Artist for Vinnie and the Hamsters:
Bruce Bolinger

Slime Shiller From Outer Space:

Person Voted Most Likely To Be Raising A Future Axe Murderer:
Kev-o M.

Immediate Past President Of The Tuesday Weld Fan Club:
Shirley Smith

Found to Really Be Chopped Liver:
Harry O'Sullivan

Insane Inspiration:
Misc. Members Of The "I Brake For Microwave Popcorn" Society
(And they know who they are, even if you don't.)

What people have been saying about the RAH staff...

"These people could send bricks to sleep...
without hypnosis." - Keith Maniac

"Were too busy singin' to put anybody down...
but we'll make an exception in this case!" - The Monkees

"The farce is strong with these goobers." - Darth Vader

"I have a bad feeling about this..." - The rest of the cast of Star Wars

"Splitters!" - People's Front of Judea

"Doh!" - Homer Simpson

"Nooooo!" - Mr. Bill

"Ack! Thppt!" - Bill the Cat


The Crafty, Professional RAH Investigative Team
(Those responsible for verifying all facts presented in RAH.)

North American Branch:
Frank Drebin (Branch Chief)
Barney Fife
Bull Shannon
Maxwell Smart

European Branch:
Jacques Clouseau (Branch Chief)
Harry "Snapper" Organs
Sergeant Schultz
Arthur Lemming
Hans Blix

Interstellar Branch:
Ford Prefect (Branch Chief)
Will Robinson
Dave Lister
Marvin the Martian


Legal Information

Our legal jargon and disclaimers are available in the RAH Terms of Service.


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The preferred method for all contact with RAH is electronic.
Our e-mail addresses are as follows:

Human Contact (Yuck!):

Send all expressions of wonder, orgasmic joy, appreciation, hilarity, and brown-nosing (not to mention any donations of electronic/digital cash) to:
(Dave Bealer)

Send all expressions of outrage, fear, hatred, and paranoia (not to mention any threats of death, dismemberment, litigation, marriage, or employment) to: (Insatiable)

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