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Warm up your funny bone and don your favorite web-cruising togs - it's time to seek out some other interesting places on the web. Just don't forget to save a bookmark or hotlist entry for our site ( and come back to visit RAH regularly!

Useful/Interesting Spots That Aren't Necessarily Funny

Laughter may be the best medicine, but not every worthwhile thing in this world is funny. Here are some places worth visiting, even if they don't post the ultimate Dumb Blonde Joke Collection.

Looking for something on the web? Dogpile lets you metasearch the major web search databases (e.g. Alta Vista, Yahoo, excite, etc.).

Dave's favorite web search engine (for the moment, at least).

The Humor Project, Inc..
This site looks at the serious side of humor. Topics include humor in stress management, humor in medicine (as used for healing patients, not a set of drunken doctor jokes), and humor for public speakers. They have an online catalog of publications available, and a speakers bureau is said to be on the way.

A Minor Consideration
Many of the best (and funniest) moments in cinema and television history have been provided by the performances of children. Most children dream of becoming some kind of performer at one time or another. But how many of us ever contemplate the cold, hard realities of growing up in the entertainment industry?
A Minor Consideration (AMC) is a non-profit organization formed to give aid and support to child performers - past, present, and future. AMC was founded by former child actor Paul Petersen (Jeff on the Donna Reed Show) in an effort to prevent any repetition of the tragedies that have struck down so many former child stars. Mr. Petersen writes with passion and doesn't sugar coat the facts. If you visit this site, prepare to have your concept of child stardom changed forever.

Funny Stuff: British Comedy/Humor

The British may be famous for their "stiff upper lips," but they sure do know how to make people laugh!
The official online home of the Monty Python gang.

Funny Stuff: The List of Humo(u)r Site Lists

There are literally hundreds of fascinating humor sites on the web. In order to keep the size of this page down to a reasonable level, the following list of humor site lists is provided.

The Funny Site - Humor Search Engine
Topical search engines are a much-needed innovation for web surfers weary of those 2000+ page lists generated by Alta Vista, et. al. This is the first humor-specific search engine we've found. The contents are a bit sparse at the moment, but this one bears watching.

You might be a redneck if...based humor lists
Jeff Foxworthy started it all with his "You might be a redneck if..." bits. This website continues, and expands, on Jeff's work. This collection of lists includes careers ("You might be a computer geek if...") and various types of fandom ("You might be a Monty Python fan if...").

Funny Stuff: Only On The Web

Most sites on the web act as references/indexes to real world people, places, and things. But there are a few web sites featuring activities that are unique to the World Wide Web. Here are some of the funnier ones.

Internet Pizza Server
For those of you who like your pizza with everything, including the kitchen sink, here is your chance. This virtual pizza parlor offers toppings ranging from the usual (green peppers, olives, pepperoni, etc.) to the incredibly unusual (nails, bolts, baseballs, and Curly heads). These guys are so cocky they've declared war on Pizza Hut! You can also see a picture of my favorite pizza from this place. (This site seems to be down quite a bit, but if you keep trying periodically you should get through eventually.)

Funny Stuff: Publications/Columns

Yes, there are other funny publications available online. They're just not quite as good as RAH96!

What happens when the Star Trek characters begin to act out Monty Python sketches as part of their adventures? Victor Wong knows.

Paul Silhan's Parody PARO-DISE
Paul Silhan is the demented person behind many of the hilarious political parodies heard on Rush Limbaugh's show. Here is where you can see all his parody lyrics and order Paul's parody albums. (WARNING: this site is politically incorrect in the extreme. Closed-minded individuals should avoid it like the truth.)

Joe Lavin's Humor Column
So "Generation X" does include some funny (not just funny looking) people. Who knew?


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