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Best of RAH96:
The Exhaustion Theorem

by Greg Borek

Copyright © 1995 Greg Borek, All Rights Reserved.

Proctor: "You will have two hours to complete the midterm. Starting now. Good luck everybody."

John: "Eight questions . . . doesn't look too bad. OK, let's see, question 1: `Describe how the coefficients in the binomial theorem are related to combinations of the exponents. Express the theorem in concise summation notation.' A little work, but definitely doable. That would be . . ."


Hal: Hi Bob!

John: "Whoa! Who are you?"

Hal: I'm a hallucination. You should definitely NOT have stayed up all night last night cramming for this midterm, Bob.

John: "A hallucination? How does a hallucination know it's a hallucination? On second thought, never mind! Just be quiet and leave me alone. I only have two hours."

Hal: Not so fast, Bob. Your exhausted mind created me so now you have to deal with it! Hah! This is sure is going to be fun, Bob!

John: "The binomial coefficients . . ."

Hal: Say Bob, isn't that a huge hairy spider climbing up your arm?

John: "Aaaaugh!"

Proctor: "Is there a problem up there?"

John: "No, sorry, sir.

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