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What's Inside

RAH Virtual Sock Drawer

This page was inspired by Dave's real-life sock drawer. You can find the most amazing things there. Things like Dave's high school diploma and college degree, both still unused in their little presentation binders. Another charming item is Velvet's first hairball, which Dave had bronzed.


Awards are generally displayed prominently on the top page of a web site to show how wonderfully cool the site has been determined to be. Of course the logos really show how much of the webmaster's terminal egomania will be displayed this particular week. Most of these awards tend to make visitors wonder about the people who give out the awards. Questions like, "Did the awards people ever actually visit this site before giving it an award?" spring immediately to mind.

Awards RAH96 Received For Nothing In Particular

[Bottom 95% Of All Web Sites] [Comic Site of the Nite] [Majellan 1 Star Site] [Top 100000000]

Awards RAH (and RAH96) Actually Received
Don't look at us - somebody must have had a reason.

[Warm Award]
So RAH96 has officially been declared WARM...
and we didn't even know we were playing hide-and-seek.

Webnut Seal of Approval
The name of this outfit says it all.

NetGuide Gold Site
Who are these guys? Anyone heard of them?
Whoever they are, they gave RAH96 four gold stars!
Dave hasn't been this happy since kindergarten!

Some Humor Award
Our first award in more than five years!
I guess they didn't see the bit about the site not being updated.
Anyway, this award has awakened a sleeping midget,
and filled him with a terrible nausea.

What People Have Said About RAH (and RAH96)

"RAH makes Hustler look like a porno magazine." - Jerry Falwell

"I really admire Vinnie's knife." - Ted Kennedy

"You'd better have plenty of time on your hands when you visit Random Access Humor 96, 'cause it's packed tighter than Pamela Lee's bra." - Netsurfer Digest 2.27 (8/29/96)

"What does random mean?" - Pamela Lee

"Of special note are the tagline sections - if you don't laugh out loud, you're probably deader than Timothy Leary." - Netsurfer Digest 2.27 (8/29/96)

"" - Timothy Leary

"Random Access Humor 96 features extremely intelligent pieces that manage to avoid the usual easy spoof targets." - Yahoo Internet Life, December 1996

"What's an easy spoof target?" - O.J. Simpson


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